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Street Photography Tips

Street photography is a great genre of photography it can be difficult but with patients and good observation you will be well rewarded with great once in a lifetime images and for me that's the biggest draw!

"I am no where near where I want to be in my journey in street photography but I am way better than when I first started out"

I have learned that just like landscape photographers repeatedly return to previous locations and discover a completely different look and feel to a potential image on each return the same can be said for street photography, I have been going back to the same locations in different weather conditions which has offered up a complete different feel to the area, but on days which are very similar say overcast and the light is flat the results can be rather deflating and since we can not control the weather my focus turns to specific topics to photograph.

I always warm up with some casual shots of buildings but focus on lines and patterns just to get started, I never go out without deciding first which topics/ideas I want to cover I always feel if I go off the cuff I'm always left a little disappointed. Topics covered in this outing were Motion and reflections in my images, I would highly recommend trying this on each street session you head out to as it will help train your eye to look for things you may have previously missed it can be many different topics ie shapes, shadows,lines or just shooting black and white eventually these topics will be visible to you in many different scenes, its a great training exercise.


#Tip 1

Adding motion especially moving people gives a sense of surrealism to my images I also enjoy the thought that these strangers hurrying past these scenes are too busy to notice the amazing places that surround us, places they may walk past ever day and maybe the only time they would stop and look at this scene if it were printed and hanging on a wall.

Reflections can add a completely different dimension to the scene, something ordinary can become almost a multiverse in one frame, shooting through windows, dirty glass, puddles offers a unique view to the world.

Street Photography I find very relaxing and one genre I intend to pursue further and focusing on specific topics during each session I am sure will help mould my photography on the streets.

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