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BTS Video

Here you will find videos from past and recent  photo shoots, check them out and see how it all comes together.

Welcome to Tattoo Life the first session, a look behind the scenes. Huge thanks to                                                   for video,production and backing track. 

Tattoo Life scond session. A quick BTS video all shot  and edited with the iphone 6. 

A great fun location shoot using the Lencarta Atom 360 and the Pixapro long focus reflector mixed with B+W ND filters, great combination for shooting in full sun. All video footage shot on the iphone 6.

What all started out as a bit of fun to create some new images for my sons bedroom turned into this  video and set of images1 see how it all came together

Lighting a Legend the project moves up a level where i build a set to scale for some really cool/fun images.

Pointless Exercise ? see me working on ideas for an upcoming photoshoot.

Join me on this behind the scenes where I shoot a portrait session from sunrise to sunset and I explain how I got the shot and gear used.

Another fun set build and break from the norm in the next image in the 'Fantastic Plastic' series of images. So much fun creating these images.

Speed retouch video from a Tattoo Life session, shot on a iphone 6 edited in Premier Elements.

More midday full sun fun using the Lencarta Atom 360 and Pixapro long focus reflector mix that up with ND filters to produce some cool shots. All video footage shot and edited on the iphone 6. 

Always look to create, either with lighting or trying out new photoshop techniques or just practicing past techniques. The more practice the better!

Footage from a fun Coslpay shoot with friends.

More behind the scene fun!

Take a trip into a fun miniature toy shoot where I take you through the setup lighting and speed retouch to make some fun images for the 'fantastic plastic' project.

Creating motion in photography is always fun! couldn't resists this dramatic behind the scenes edit to the video.

More star wars themed toys! this though we had to build. great fun.